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The best kept secret of the Incas

About us

CACAOSUYO is more than a brand of chocolates; it is a testimony to the legacy of the cocoa peruvian elevated to the standard premium global. Founded in 2012, motivated by the passion of the chocolate. We have always strived to put the quality of the cocoa peruvian high through the chocolate. Our chocolate has conquered the world to be the winner of world's Gold 4 consecutive years in The Internetional Chocolate Awards (the Oscar of chocolate) with our dark chocolates of origin Amazon, Cuzco, and Piura. In addition to that, our bar Piura Milk has won the world Gold 5 years (2015, 2016, 2020/2021 and 2022) having been recognized as the Best Milk Chocolate in the World.

Cacaosuyo is not just a brand, it is a banner that proclaims aloud that the best chocolate in the world is peruvian. 

What do we do?

CACAOSUYO not only produces chocolate; it transforms and redefines the experience of the taste of the chocolate peruvian exclusively using the cocoa from Peru. We are dedicated to identify the best genetic material of fine cocoa from the various wine-producing regions of Peru. But it is not just about making the best hot chocolate; we also have a commitment to excellence for every tablet reflects the heart and soul of the earth, peruvian and their producers.

How do we do it?

The magic behind CACAOSUYO lies in its meticulous approach and passionate. Having started investing in knowledge about the cocoa, which included the collaboration with international advisors and farmers in each region. The close collaboration with small farmers allows us to ensure full traceability on every piece of chocolate that we create. In addition, not only we focus on the quality of the product, but that we are also committed to improving the quality of life for cocoa farmers, integrating them actively involved in the value chain of fine chocolate. In each step, CACAOSUYO combines tradition, innovation and an unwavering dedication to deliver one of the best chocolates in the world.

CACAOSUYO is the essence of the cocoa peruvian
carried to perfection the world

With a relentless pursuit of the cacaos, most distinctive, we oversee every step from harvesting to the production of the chocolate. Winner of multiple international awards, by choosing to CACAOSUYO, you opt for authenticity, unique taste and the passion for the chocolate top quality. If you want to know the cacao peruano do well to try all the sources Cacaosuyo.


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